Simply Everyday Life with C3’s Kickstart Oatmeal Cooker

C3 Oatmeal Cooker 30-10711LRIt is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good and solid breakfast keeps you full longer and gives you energy and strength for the rest of the day. Breakfast can come in many different versions, but porridge is a true classic in the genre. Porridge has long been a tradition on the breakfast table and is rich in wholesome fibre. C3 launches the Kickstart Oatmeal Cooker that is capable of cooking both porridge and rice and simultaneously gives you the chance to do something else in the mean time.

The C3 Oatmeal Cooker can cook both porridge and rice to a perfect consistency and is equipped with a thermostat with single button control and an automatic holding function that keeps the porridge/rice warm also after the meal is ready. The lid’s lock function helps the food preserve its taste and consistency, and the detachable 600-ml inner container is easy to clean and prevents the porridge/rice from sticking. The C3 Oatmeal Cooker saves time by giving you the chance to do something else while you are preparing your breakfast porridge in the morning. Despite its compact build, the cooker can cook up to 4 portions of rice. A ladle, measuring cup and recipe book are included in the package.

“C3’s Kickstart Oatmeal Cooker makes your morning even simpler and gives you a healthy porridge full of flavour every morning. We have also prepared some recipes and nice inspirational pictures to accompany the product together with Jennifer who runs the blog, something that makes us extremely glad and proud,” says Sandra Hjelm, Marketing Manager at C3.