Make your own waffle cones at home in a fun, easy way with C3’s new waffle cone maker

C3 Ice Cone Maker LR

C3 introduces a new waffle cone maker that will easily help you make your own waffle cones to fill with your favourite ice cream at home! Accessories are included so that you can easily form your waffle cones in many different ways – only your fantasy sets the limits.

The waffle cone maker is easy to use and heats up fast. Since the product gives off high heat the results are great time after time. It has a diameter of 19 cm that will produce large, nice waffle cones. You can also make smaller cones by adding less batter to the cone maker when baking. It is also possible to vary the form or colour of the waffle to exactly what you want – only your fantasy sets the limits. The product is available in white and the accessories used to form the waffle are included.

The waffle cone maker can be easily combined with the ice cream machine Gelato Time that is available in two nice colours: pink/white and green/white. Read more about the machine here: 

“With our new waffle cone maker you will always have the perfect dessert at home that suits both young and old and it is even more fun to make the waffle cones together. It can be used any time of the year since you can easily add e.g. food colouring to the basic recipe for waffles that will fit in with different theme days”says Sandra Hjelm Marking Manager at C3.