C3 to Launch new Ice Cream Maker with Timer in Two Beautiful Colours!

C3 Gelato ismaskine med en timer

C3 Ice Cream Maker

It is often said that the Chinese invented ice cream more than 3,000 years ago and that it was Marco Polo who took the ice cream recipe back home to Italy and Europe around 1298. Ice cream has not lost its allure in modern times and remains a sought-after dessert in everyday life and on festive occasions. At the same time, many make a conscious consumer choice to prepare their own ice cream and thereby avoid consuming additives. To meet this demand, C3 is about to launch the Gelato Time ice cream maker that makes it even easier to prepare delicious ice cream at home. Gelato Time has a timer function with a time interval of 0 to 45 minutes and an auto stop function. It is available in two beautiful colours, pink/white and green/white, and comes with a complementary recipe and an ice cream scoop.

The ice cream maker prepares ice cream or sorbet and has a volume of 0.8 litres. The freezer bowl is in aluminium with plastic on the outside that makes it easy to store in the freezer, thereby making it always ready for use when you need it. The filler hole in the lid makes it easier to add desired ingredients, plus it has a slow mixing paddle to ensure best results. Complimentary recipe and an ice scream scoop included. Gelato Time is easy to clean and available in two beautiful colours: pink/white and green/white. Recommended price of SEK 349.

“Gelato Time is both simple and flexible and gives you the unique chance to offer relatives and loved ones delicious home-made ice cream as the highlight of both everyday life and festive occasions. The only thing you have to think of is choosing the colour that will match your kitchen best,” says Sandra Hjelm, Marketing Manager at C3.