C3 introduces a delicious electric mixer with a balloon whisk accessory

C3 Hand mixer LRC3 is launching an electric mixer with a whisk attachment. It has all the traditional attachments a regular electric mixer has, but what is unique is that it also has an extra accessory: a balloon whisk. Something which makes both cooking as well as baking at home easier. The electric mixer can both whisk and knead, is very easy to use, and has 5 different choices of speeds plus a turbo setting. C3’s electric mixer Whippy comes in a sleek black colour.

The electric mixer has a convenient handle with a powerful 250-watt motor. It can both knead and whisk, and is so simple to use. The three attachments that are included are a balloon whisk, dough kneader, and traditional beaters – all of which are dishwasher-safe. This electric mixer comes in a tasty black colour.

– “C3’s new electric mixer makes it easier for those of you in the kitchen – both with cooking as well as with baking. The smart balloon whisk attachment gives you a little extra fun and becomes an ideal tool when, for instance, you want to whip cream or make fluffy meringues,” comments Sandra Hjelm, Marketing Manager at C3.