Make your own pasta from the start with C3s wholly automatic pasta machine Pasta Basta

It is said that pasta was invented in China 4,000 years ago, however it is usually associated with Italy. It is claimed that pasta came to Sweden in the middle of the 17th Century and became popular during the 20th Century*. Every year the World Pasta Day is celebrated on October 25, which was instituted as late as 1995. The C3s wholly automatic pasta machine Pasta Basta makes fresh pasta from the start in less than 15 minutes and comes with 6 different nozzles pieces. Available in black and white.

Simply Everyday Life with C3’s Kickstart Oatmeal Cooker

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good and solid breakfast keeps you full longer and gives you energy and strength for the rest of the day. Breakfast can come in many different versions, but porridge is a true classic in the genre. Porridge has long been a tradition on the breakfast table and is rich in wholesome fibre. C3 launches the Kickstart Oatmeal Cooker that is capable of cooking both porridge and rice and simultaneously gives you the chance to do something else in the mean time.

C3 introduces a delicious electric mixer with a balloon whisk accessory

C3 is launching an electric mixer with a whisk attachment. It has all the traditional attachments a regular electric mixer has, but what is unique is that it also has an extra accessory: a balloon whisk. Something which makes both cooking as well as baking at home easier. The electric mixer can both whisk and knead, is very easy to use, and has 5 different choices of speeds plus a turbo setting. C3’s electric mixer Whippy comes in a sleek black colour.

The C3 MiniMix Blender Whips Up Cream in 10 Seconds!

Summer is coming soon, and strawberries with cream are the natural choice for desert during the summer. In addition to all basic functions like mixing and blending, the C3 MiniMix blender has another unique advantage – it can whip up cream in 10 seconds! We think this makes it the world record holder when it comes to speed!

C3 launches an egg cooker in three lovely pastel colours

Eggs are nature’s own vitamin pill and are bursting with key nutrients that contribute to a nutritious diet. As a part of a varied, balanced diet combined with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, eggs makes you have more energy and feel better. C3 is proud to introduce a three egg cooker in delicate pastel colours that boils up to seven eggs at a time. A poaching pan and measuring cup with a pin is also included.

New C3 website is open

C3 Scandinavian Lifestyle, Empire’s brand for household appliances, has opened a new website. The new website provides information on all C3 Household appliances in four languages: English, Swedish, Finnish and Danish.

Waffles a new way with C3 WaffleStix Maker

According to Google, waffles was the second most googled word in the food category last year. The tradition of making waffles has a long history which can be tracked back to the 7th century and today it is considered a sign of spring. There are many different waffle variations, from the traditional heart-shaped to Belgian waffles. C3 are now introducing another variation – the WaffleStix that are perfect for mingle food as well as for a children’s party.

Simplify Your Cooking with a Stick Mixer Kit from C3

C3 is about to launch a stick mixer kit that makes it easier for you to successfully prepare your favourite meals – time after time! Not less than three different accessories, including: a stick mixer bowl, a beater, and a chopping bowl. The product is ergonomic, compact, and easy to use while featuring a beautiful design that is a pleasure to the eye. Wall bracket included for simpler storage.

C3 to Launch Popular Mix & Go Blender in New Colour – Selected by Facebook Fans!

Our society is growing more and more health-minded by the minute, and working out and dieting matter more and more to us and take up more and more of our attention. At the same time, we want to optimise our daily round and not waste even a second of valuable time. In order to meet this demand, C3 is now launching its popular Mix & Go blender in a new colour, this time pink. The colour has been selected by C3’s Facebook fans. Mix & Go is the perfect choice for the health-minded as it is a combined blender with two cups of not less than 750 ml each which can easily be taken on the go.