Salter scale

Salter is UK based manufacturer of domestic household appliances like bathroom scales, luggage scales, kitchen scales and other kitchen appliances. Founded in 1760 and for many years the UK’S No.1 brand for domestic weighing scales, Salter Housewares has now become the leading brand in many other countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In 2004 the company was sold to the US-based HoMedics company, leaders in the “personal wellness” product category.

Salter Kitchen Scales

With the rise in popularity of home-style cooking there has been an increase in people getting back in the kitchen to do their own baking. Add and Weigh Scales allow you to continuously add ingredients to the bowl by resetting the scale to zero after the addition of each ingredient. This not only saves on the washing up but is a great time saver for today’s busy lifestyles. For measuring liquids, some of the scales in the mechanical range offer an Aqua-Weigh function.


Salter bathroom scale  9003Salter has a wide range of mechanical and electronic bathroom scales. Mechanical scales are suitable for those who prefer a more traditional style and weighing method. Most of mechanical scales are of compact size and feature easy to read full view dial. Electronic scales include LCD display and many useful features together with beautiful design and details. Modern electronic scales are made of ultra slim toughened glass with stainless steel accents.

SALTER Body Analyzer Scales

Understanding what you weigh is only half the story. Knowing your body composition gives a clear picture of your body’s health. Salter analyzer scales can help you to understand what your body is made up of and in what proportions. By knowing your body’s composition you can work to achieve and maintain a healthier body, enabling you to fulfill your goal. Salter analyzer scales measures body mass percentage, body fat percentage, muscle mass and body mass index (BMI).