Make your own pasta from the start with C3s wholly automatic pasta machine Pasta Basta

It is said that pasta was invented in China 4,000 years ago, however it is usually associated with Italy. It is claimed that pasta came to Sweden in the middle of the 17th Century and became popular during the 20th Century*. Every year the World Pasta Day is celebrated on October 25, which was instituted as late as 1995. The C3s wholly automatic pasta machine Pasta Basta makes fresh pasta from the start in less than 15 minutes and comes with 6 different nozzles pieces. Available in black and white.

Simply Everyday Life with C3’s Kickstart Oatmeal Cooker

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good and solid breakfast keeps you full longer and gives you energy and strength for the rest of the day. Breakfast can come in many different versions, but porridge is a true classic in the genre. Porridge has long been a tradition on the breakfast table and is rich in wholesome fibre. C3 launches the Kickstart Oatmeal Cooker that is capable of cooking both porridge and rice and simultaneously gives you the chance to do something else in the mean time.

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